Piera Rossetto

Piera Rossetto, Principal Investigator
Trained in languages and civilisations of the Mediterranean (modern Hebrew language and literature), I am an anthropologist interested in performances of memories and identities in the context of postcolonial migrations, in particular from the Middle East and North Africa region. I have a passion for stories, creative mapping, and narrative cartography. I am committed to study migrations in the past to better understand contemporary issues of borders and boundaries, human mobility, and multiple belongings.

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Verena Resch

Verena Resch, Scientific Designer
Verena studied biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Graz. Upon completion of her PhD, she worked as Post-doc fellow at the Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands). Back to Graz, Verena was employed in different research projects. Next to her occupation as a PostDoc, she trained in graphic & communication design and graduated in 2016. Verena started her own company Luminous Lab and works today as scientific designer, providing design services and training mainly for researchers in the life-science.

Martina Melilli

Martina Melilli (1987) is an Italian artist, director, writer and cultural practitioner.
Her work is research oriented and inspired by an anthropological and documentary approach, often tackling the archival practices. She’s interested in memory, Hi-story, individual and collective imagination. She delves into the fractures of identity and culture inquiring how they inform people’s body and its movements. She believes in projects enhanced by relational dynamics: the collaborations with individuals and experts time to time working with her shape mostly into mixed media projects, films, photographic projects, installations, performances.
Martina obtained an MA in Visual Arts at IUAV Venice University (I) and studied documentary and experimental cinema at Luca School of Arts, Brussels (BE). In Brussels from 2010, Martina collaborated with the artistic platform Auguste Orts, and in 2015 was part of the post-academic studies platform SIC Sound Image Culture.
She is currently based in Rovereto (Trento, Italy).

Michela Nanut

Michela Nanut, Illustrator, was born and raised in Valle Camonica (Italy). She graduated in Philosophy of Science in Bologna and now works as a support teacher in secondary schools near Trento. Michela started working as illustrator for Loescher Publishing House textbooks and for some institutions within the Trento district. From 2013 on she has been drawing for Non Profit Network – CSV Trentino. Lately Michela keeps on taking part to illustrations masterclasses.